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About Drummond Chiropractic  

We strive to help you not just feel better but be better.

We do this with chiropractic care, physical therapy, and so much more.

We advise on nutrition, home stretching and exercises, and sleep hygiene.

We aim to be your partner in health, helping you understand your condition, the imaging or lab tests you may need.

If medical attention or surgery is required, we hold your hand through that process.

Dr. Karin is the author of the Combat Dis-Ease series (available on Amazon).

Dr. Karin wrote these books to help you, your loved ones, your friends, people we do not even know, find that pearl of wisdom that will help you not only feel better, but be better and happier for it.

View Dr. Karin’s books here.

Personalized chiropractic care with an integrative healing touch.

Our promise

  1. To listen to you and treat you like the intelligent being you are
  2. To give you the time you need
  3. To get you well with the least amount of visits
  4. To provide you with information that can speed your healing
  5. To refer to other health care providers if needed
  6. To objectively chart your progress, to verify the treatments are working as projected

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